We all have that difficulty of conquering our fears, getting up and doing what our heart truly desires, making that big splash on life.


We make excuses about not enough time, not enough opportunities or not enough money, or too many distractions etc….


“I am Not enough.”. “too any distractions and excuses.”. had been part of my common daily vocabulary and so i kept myself stuck in the mud exactly where I was….


Frustration.. irritability… anger.. all became my modus operandi.


It Is not until I said. Enough is enough.. sick of this way of life.. I am changing it… did i make the first leap


Let me repeat that.. I AM CHANGING THAT…


Self empowerment starts with you and me.. not a hand out, not a government, not a cosmic event, not a divine hand slapping you across the face




life is an experience and then you transform out of here.. the good the bad the ugly the fabulous, the amazing ALL OF IT.. it’s just an experience…


Time to play in your sand box.. let others in… have fun…


I have decided to NOT just provide you with INSPIRATION morning ideas… that only wakes you up…


I have decided to NOT just provide you with MOTIVATION words.. that only makes you think…


I will periodically assist you with PRACTICAL ideas and exercises that will assist you to get the heck out of bed


I will teach you about LISTENING to your heart and your spirit so that you can make a difference in your world and fulfil your soul purpose and have the best experience of your life.


I am a healer and teacher… that s my purpose… I live it, breathe it, experience it every moment of every day..


time for you to awaken to yours.. time is short..


choice is yours…. sleep in bed, stay in your comfort zone…. miss out on the best part of life..








Let’s play.



I LOVE YOU (more than you know)

Author: Brown Knight

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