So the other day my coach says that I have to do 15 miles of running… in my mind i immediately thought ” phew at least its not 18 or 20 as before”


Wait that’s a half marathon and then some…


Last month my training plan was a 65 mile bike ride.. I thought ” phew at least he didn’t make me do a 100 mile bike ride this time round”


Same with swimming when the plan asked me to do 1.5 Miles of swimming….” phew at least today he won’t make me do 3.1 miles today”


What happened to me that I would be agreeable to do these distances…. when the old version of me couldn’t even do half a mile of running… or even just 10 miles of biking or 500 yards of a swim without feeling that I was going to die..


My mindset changed…. so when my body had already experienced a much greater distance and time spent and more over the EFFORT it took to reach that larger time distance goal, my sphere of awareness had expanded.. now anything less felt more manageable…. and enthusiastically manageable at best


The same happens in all areas of life… eg FINANCES.. when we want to start a business and feel that it is too great of a chore and too scary we shrink and stay within our comfort zone but then one day let’s say if we do push past our limits and do build a successful business and then perhaps even a few more businesses then that threshold that was once limiting us has now been crossed and we feel that anything is then possible


Another example is in FAMILY when I have seen many families who can handle more than two children whereas I feel that at this point in my life I can’t even handle more than what I already have… again it’s about breaking that mindset and going beyond the threshold


Even in the case of a new CAREER


many a time most of us are stuck exactly where we are because we are inside our comfort zone and feel that it is too scary to expand and try out another career and therefore will stay in the existing job and be miserable most of our lives until we dare to explore what else is out there


When we take the risk and go beyond our limits we discover that those limits are just mindset blocks and we really have no limits to our human potential


In the example of ultramarathons that are much greater distances than a regular marathon of 26.2 MI in my mind because I have not crushed that threshold I feel that it is too great a distance and too much of an effort until one day I go beyond that distance


As in the case of many of my friends who are ultramarathoners who do Hundred Mile runs all the time then in those instances for them a marathon which is a 26.2 mile distance feels like more of a warm up than an enormous task.


This is probably the reason why I have begun to explore endurance training for the last 16 months to understand how to expand my mental and emotional awareness and ground it into the physical and then be able to apply this phenomenon all areas of my life


The insight from me here is to push past our limits each day and explore our gifts because it’s not a just a case of Nothing is Impossible,

That is the catch phrase when we are at the edge of our threshold….instead ” ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE ” after we break those limits


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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