Met a delightful patient yesterday..


She is 73 y old and we chatted for a while about all her cardiac issues.. I then asked her about how she stays active and what she does for exercise ( I ask this of all my patients)


She replied…. ” I play tennis with my husband 3 times a week”


I was thrilled and surprised.. so I inquired ” how young is he?”


“83, he has been fit most of his life.”


” who wins?” I jokingly asked


” oh we don’t keep score anymore. We have been married for 52 years..we just play to be fit and have fun”


“That is the right attitude” I said.


But I have been pondering this conversation since that encounter


Fitness is great and it helps us to lead a long healthy life, but it is when we add the dose of fun, well that changes the equation. It injects vitality and energy to the experience


There are some days I feel wiped out in my training, but when I happen to take the bike ride or the long runs and swims with friends, everything seems to shift..


“With the friends “or even a bike ride or exercise with my wife, the FUN aspect takes over the monotony of the fitness and becomes enjoyable…


We transcend the pain and pleasure of the experience and it becomes an exercise in promoting vitality..


That is the key to staying ” young” or rather aging well. Fitness and fun


Enjoy every moment as if it is your last, then every moment just lasts.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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