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Collective consciousness

What is collective consciousness? It has been articulated by many authors and also explained as being a part of a collective unconscious. Apart from the individual consciousness it has been theorized that there lies an invisible field of knowledge and memories that surrounds the planet and is in fact even layered with ever higher degrees of knowledge.These are the sum total of all of living consciousness and embedded within it are the knowledge and memories of ancestors of all lifetimes. Think of it as a planetary Icloud where every aspect of consciousness is stored and accessible with the correct login.

The animal and insect and plant kingdoms are well known for this behavior. Ants can build a perfect tunnel system without ever having learned to do so and draw upon experiences and memories and instinctively do it. If their queen ant dies and even if she is not physically present anywhere near them, they immediately stop working. Mice can be trained to navigate a maze. Their offspring can do the same having never learned it, as they draw upon the memories.

We too have memories that are transmitted genetically from our ancestors and with each generation we draw upon the experiences of prior generations and so do not have to reinvent the wheel. We stand on the shoulders of others who have already found a way and so expand our awareness in the present moment and forward generational knowledge into wisdom and not waste time. This is an efficient evolutionary model. My own children having never been exposed to technology such as the babysitter TV or ipad when they were much younger, are able to quite effortlessly navigate through smartphones, and tablets now that they are a little older, and without any instruction I might add.

We draw upon experiences and “traits” from the collective. Which inherently means that we share the traits of everyone regardless of whether they are good or bad. If you look at the most saintly person or the most heinous person who has ever lived you will find traits that you share with them. Every trait has been described at some level of intensity and expressed in some fashion and so we draw upon these from the collective consciousness. We also are acutely aware of which traits to exhibit and which ones to hide for the evolution of our own lives. We also draw upon the memories and experiences through the unconscious to help with our functionality. We do not have to re experience what it felt like to be chased by a charging wild animal to now instead see this unfolding and move away or hide, without having to experience the countless times our ancestors have been killed by a charging wild animal. Many great discoveries in the world by scientists have occurred almost at the same time at opposite ends of the world, and having never had the discoverers communicate with each other. Drawing from the future knowledge perhaps?

We are pinpoint expressions of all experiences past, present and future as we choose from the collective consciousness of what to express, what to learn, what to understand and return it back to the collective for sharing and shaping the future. The uniqueness of the experiences comes through the uniqueness of each of us despite the shared memory or trait and so it evolves into a new experience and nuggets of wisdom that are catalogued by each of us through our minds, bodies, and hearts in the infinite forms of creativity and expression.

You are every trait, and every trait is you, welcome to the collective.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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