Like a herd of elephants racing to the waterhole, along comes the Super moon, full moon and lunar eclipse into our cosmic realms. If you have been feeling like life has been chaotic for the last few weeks emotionally, mentally, and in general then you are not alone. It culminates with this rare cosmological event.


When the earth moves into place between the sun and the Full moon also known as the flower moon, it casts a shadow across the lunar surface giving it a reddish hue, also known as a Blood moon. It is a super moon because it is at its closest point to the earth ( perigee) therefore making it appear 20% bigger. All of these celestial motions increase the energetic influence upon our own personal EMG fields and influence us in various ways.


This eclipse corridor brings with it rough and tumble periods and realizations. The Flower moon known for its floral reference of the height of spring, spiritually means that we are going to be surging from seed to bloom, as if reborn or in transformation of our lives. We have gone through the toil of emotions and stresses to allow us to grow and have significant revelations. The full moon energy illuminates our path to afford us the next step.


We are invited to purge our emotional baggage to make room for growth. It is not about simply letting go, but about facing our fears and feelings and owning them. The increased intensity of these lunar positions heightens the experience. From the darkness of eclipse of change, we step into the light of the full moon as a metamorphic wisdom becomes more aligned with our true goals and purpose.


As we enter a closure point to a chapter in our lives and on our soul journey we open another worm hole of experiences. We may feel that this energy is too much and wish to retreat back into the familiar, yet now is the time for courage and action. WE are pleaded by the cosmos to shed those layers and become deeper authentic beings, and rise from our ashes of despair. Eclipses act as an accelerant to get us to realize that our current paths may need to change in order to better serve us emotionally, physically, financially, mentally, and spiritually.


To sit quietly in the silence of these energetic moments to uncover those deeper realizations, and going into the zero point of energy to experience those awakenings is the invitation we seek. Listening to that nagging intuition and being patient and becoming fully present to that inner voice will pay dividends.


Feel the healing vibrations to help close wounds and find the balance and strength to shift to the next level. Trust the intuition that connects us to our divine destiny at all times. We are infinite spiritual beings having a limited human experience. The cosmos guides our paths but it is up to us to take the action steps.


A simple powerful invocation to help with this magical time:


“ I transform my past into the my future


I welcome my divine purpose and vision


I surrender to the experience of the now


I am that I am “


repeat x3


Enjoy this rare event, it had potent magic within it.



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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