Fears are educated into us. Yet can we educate them out of us?


Since most fears are instinctual and based on an imagined or real experience ,the question begs then where do they come from? Many fears come from close to home. Family and peers first. Then schools, classrooms, playgrounds, friends. Then society. Then government. Media. News. The expansion of the awareness of fear progresses exponentially downward and outward.


We succumb to them quickly and with great rapidity as we try to assimilate protection fields with phobias and guard ourselves from the fears. Our fears are held together by those who wish to control us with threats, and consequences starting from our childhood “time out” to the threats and warnings of physical danger as adults.


Yet can we educate ourselves out of the spinning vortex of gloom and doom? Yes.


When we uncover our own inner radiance through self love, and building the momentum of self worth we discover a unique balance of our psyche with our bodies. We grow this heart space into intuition and begin to see perhaps in some cases for the first time, who to trust. It is our own Self that we begin to trust, that then initiates our journey through time and space with experiences that warn us, with fear being a guide and not as a paralytic agent of our mind.


By conjoining our emotions with realistic experiences we approach life with an open mind and heart and so observe. We learn to utilize action and not remain reactionary. We connect to the outside world and humans from a space of light and wisdom. Fear is not to be replaced, but we then learn to not stay in fear. We discover the breath of being out of fear with ever increasing less anxiety and worry.


We then see the cosmos as a grand piece of art in motion and less as an obstacle waiting to swallow us. Education and awareness are the keys to being balanced and centered to breed love and not fear within our hearts, minds and bodies. As an example, we recognize that death is inevitable. Most people fear death. Yet by understanding that life is short ( truth), and seeing it as a balance of the equation of life and death, our fear of shortened lifespan is quickly starved when we begin to enjoy the short life in every moment and in every experience.


The best teachers of how to educate us out of fear are children. Pity it is these very mighty teachers that we poison with our own misguided generationally inherited fears and make them into fear mongers like us.


Love or fear ? The choice is ours.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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