When I was running my races, I find myself at times struggling up the hills. My mind wants me to stop, my body wants me to slow down, and my heart is pounding away screaming I am done. Every part of me just says quit now. Just then I feel a hand on my back providing support. It is the hand of my coach Jon Blanchard. It gently pushes me forward.




This serves 2 purposes. For one it prevents me from falling backward and stopping. It keeps me going. And secondly it helps push me forward. The support is welcome.




Yet how does this work on a more cosmic scale I wondered. We each have a “supporting hand” from the universe on our back when we most need it. A gentle nudge and reminder that we are not alone and that we have a helping hand at all times.




The universe supports us in the most surprising ways, so we do not fall back and stop moving. It invites us to keep traveling forward. It may be in the form of a kind word by a stranger, or perhaps a little financial help or even an unexpected assistance from a friend in the form of a hand on the back.




It is when we surrender into the moment, and feel that we have succumbed to the darkness within. It is when we reach that still point of our inner space having faced all our demons we find the purity of help. It is from this space that we then must ask for help. A cry of desperation during a struggle for which the help arrives swiftly.




None of us are alone.




The magic of the universe exists in the energetic field in which we play.




Surrender, trust, and faith.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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