What would you do if you knew you had 24 hours to live?


The most common answer is you would say “ I love you” to the people who matter most in your life. I certainly would not goto work that day and not spend my precious time cleaning up the house or tidying up the mess of toys, or do laundry or dishes. I would spend the time with my family and friends. Each encounter with each person is perfect in its own way , so I have nothing to forgive or be forgiven by anyone. And of more pressing concern, prayers and spiritual salvation.


Now lets expand this to what if you knew you had a 24 days to live?


I suspect going to work would be on the lowest priority, if at all. And more hugs and kisses with those closest and try to get personal affairs in order. Perhaps try to squeeze in a brief trip to visit a place on the bucket list, but I would think more spiritual work and trying to hurry up and enjoy life, which may include eating favorite foods.


Now lets expand that to what if you knew you had 24 weeks to live? Now more of a chance to possible visit more places or do more things that are on that internal bucket list. Certainly spend time with family, but possibly more travel, self exploration, trying to find mental and spiritual peace. Work may or may not be on the agenda. ( of course this is presuming that the “job of work” is the usual presumed definition of something that is not sustainably inspiring.


I would think that if I expand the question to 24 months, the answer would be more of the same as 24 weeks but some what more expansive.


Yet what if the question was you knew you had 24 + years ?


Ah Things change here. We mentally think we have enough time and so may not spend enough time with family or not do that task that was inspiring, or take those trips to explore the world or use the time to take care of our health as much or enjoy and cherish each moment in the present. We would spend more time doing the job that we are trained to do, day in and day out. Because we think we have time to spare.


There is always tomorrow. A common ideology in our minds that gets us away from truly saying “ I love you” to those that matter the most. WE can always say it tomorrow. We can try to learn, read or write something profound….. tomorrow. We fill our time with chores and persist in the mundane. Till one day we have 24 hours left, but just never knew it.


Friends, let me assure you, that none of us are getting out this worldly existence alive.


It is not until we approach our last few breaths and moments that we realize the time that was lost from youth to old age chasing ghosts and dreams and living a life uninspired , following rules and regulations that are only meant to keep us chained and the makers of these systems more empowered.


I would invite you to take some “time” to measure your life against these timelines and ask yourself what would you do? If it is different that what you are already doing then start living the life you would love to have, today and now.


Perhaps I can help you in achieving this goal.


I love you


PS These were some of my insights and contemplations during my time of illness recently. A lot has changed since then, as usually is the case when one is faced with their own mortality.

Author: Brown Knight

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