There are 3 little words that we are all afraid of




Not what you were thinking huh?


There are times in our lives that we end up banging our heads against the wall hoping for an idea to come to fruition. Or perhaps trying to work on a relationship that just does not seem like it is going well. Sometimes we are expecting others to behave one way and they act another and we try to change them without success or do not know how to face that co worker. We are trying to achieve a physical goal and it just seems too far out of reach.



That frustration mounts and so does our anger and with it our negativity. We lose objectivity. Decisions become irrational and we react emotionally. A downward spiral for sure, but the story does not end. It radiates out into the lives of everyone we touch, and into the dreams we once had that vaporize like a cloud of smoke.


So what is the answer?


For me, it was simple yet very hard. It required me to surrender. This does not mean give up. In fact just the opposite as this level of surrendering is an choice not an option.


I chose to stand in my authority and say “ I dont know” . I do not have the answers to all the children’s questions, I do not know where my career is going, or I do not know how my race is going to turn out. I just do not know. It is by dropping into this level of uncertainty and simply allowing the flow of the universe to takeover, I may find my answers. It is a beautiful submission into the unknown that returns a stillness from which all energy emerges.


This is known as the zero point of all energy in the universe. In some cultures we feel that this is the surrender to God or the Universal mind of intention. But this is more than a simple prayer or faith. It is a drop into the ocean of wisdom, the infinity of stillness, the consciousness that exists beyond time and space. It is not a mind surrender. It is a complete submission of mind, body and spirit back into the Oneness.


I dont know.


This deep soulful surrender affords the next step to emerge and reveal itself. It allows us to truly let divinity in, so work through us and express life as it is to be experienced.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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