Chapter 7 Waking up to purpose.




As I continue to integrate my insights, I gleaned much during my personal time with the pandemic, but there was one in particular that is noteworthy. I had plenty of time to contemplate my life and my reality. For those that know me, I am a list maker. I have lists for everything. Things to DO, books to read, topics to write about, home chores,work chores,etc etc. The lists go on. I have daily, weekly, monthly lists. I even have back up lists of back up lists. OK I am a little OCD. But the point is my peripheral brain aka the lists are in a state of constant of distraction.


What is the highest priority in any list ?




While being ill, I was in the self nagging mode that I am behind on my long lists since I could not do anything while in bed, not even read a book,or write, I was too exhausted. Till I surrendered. I truly let go.




It was here in the depths of my once busy mind, I was forced to abruptly decelerate and I awoke to my purpose. I found that I had been living my purpose every day and not even realizing it. Constantly in search for the next big thing,or the next adventure or the next level, I never stopped to observe that my life as I had already designed it was my big next level adventure. It had been growing right alongside me, or rather I was growing within its confines. Life and me were friends.




It is when I surrendered to the universe that I was shown my purpose that I had known within the sacredness of my heart, yet too afraid to accept. It felt too large,too grand to even comprehend. Yet each part of my purpose had unfolded in each day since I was born. Awakening to purpose is a spiritual experience. Not a whoo whoo one. Yet What does it mean to have a spiritual experience? It is when our spirit finally takes the reigns of our physical existence and experiences life for what it came down for.




But it is not enough to awaken to purpose. Action is the next step to bring it into the physical realm of manifestation. Now enter the mind’s illusionary fears to create hurdles, and obstacles to stop action.




First step surrender.


Second step awaken to purpose.


Third step create action.




I realized I only have one life to live and love. So why not do it all. Time is running out since the day I was birthed. So I plan to live my life even more on purpose in each moment, and allow the wonders of this world to fill my life and do it all, by living on purpose, with my mission and vision.




My purpose is as a teacher and healer through speaking and writing. To bridge the worlds of traditional medicine and alternative non traditional medicine with of all my 20+ years of research and study as a cardiologist, functional movement expert, a human behavioralist, energy medicine healer, and life architect.




I really think that Covid was the illness that I needed to fully awaken to my purpose and embrace it wholeheartedly. It was the push I required to understand the magnificence of life and see the greater perspective. Part of that purpose requires to grow through patience, exploring vulnerabilities, facing challenges, submitting to the soulful surrender, and understanding the comfort zones of safety, security and witnessing them all.




Sometimes we need a push to awaken to purpose. What is yours?




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Coviid did the same for me

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