A lesson in borders




There were 2 paths that were laid before Ukraine and Russia. The path of diplomacy and the path of force and destruction. One leads to peace, the other to war. The first path was given up on, the latter was chosen. No resolution can occur at the expense of human lives.




The international charters were made by the agreement of all nations to respect the boundaries and sovereignty of all states and countries. These charters were broken not just by the invading nation but by the world overall time and time again in the name of power and control. Many countries have taken on the mantle of policing the globe, yet without balancing out their own actions of harming others first. “DO as I do, not just as I say “ has been the most commonly violated phrase of all time.






Maps and borders birthed most countries and states by the ending of empires. Ancient lands have been carved indiscriminately by rulers and leaders without ever seeing the faces of the people who lived in those hallowed grounds. Penned maps for the sake of ego, control and power have divided homes and families torn. This is a time honored tradition by humanity to chop up nations by an over seeing power leading to wars when resisted. This behavior in Human history dates back all the way to antiquity.




I wonder if it is within our nature to envy what our neighbor possesses and then be demanding that we must not share even one grain of sand lest it diminish who we are.




In the end it is the people in these wars who suffer. They share similar struggles, old heritages, common languages, traditions, ethnic, cultural values, similar racial and religious values with deep historical journeys that stretched across their similar appearing faces for centuries. The land they lived did not likewise discriminate and offered them a safe haven on the earth. The ground came up to greet their ancestors, till one day this became the same land they either fled or in which they soaked their blood, from dust to dust in the vainest of breaches of territorial integrity. Yet we are forced to follow the borders we have inherited.




The borders are never of our own design, for I do not think that we intently try to hurt another’s land or threaten our own sovereignty. It is in our DNA to love and expand that love outward as an all encompassing field. It is the mind that creates the ego that generates the ill will that manifests strife and division as a means of self preservation from a space of unlove and lack. Yet the earth reminds us there is a shortage of neither.




Once we see our racial, genetic, and cultural homogeneity, we find that we are more connected as a species than the sum of the things that divide us. We are truly one world from the space of our conjoined heart and not individual states from the divided minds and egos. We all share the same goals, we all breathe the same air, we all cherish our children’s future, we all the share the same mission of survival on our planet hurtling through space, and we are all mortal.




It is time we all learn that the chess game of life is not filled with lies and deceit but by the magic of unity, oneness and love. It is time to not look back into history to recreate old borders of empires but look forward to a greatness that humanity has never known, together as one world, one planet and one peoples. It begins with our willingness to surrender within and choose something greater than ourselves, not by force but by love from the depths of our hearts.




I love you



Author: Brown Knight

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