I am pleased to announce that I have achieved the first item on my bucket list.

I got a bucket !!

we all have a bucket list filled with plans for experiences, plans, goals and dreams that we have written down on a post it, a tucked away piece of paper, or on our computer, or simply memorized and part of our daily internal dialogue.

Many never accomplish their bucket list as they do not create a vehicle in which to store their list. I do not mean physically but more in their heart. We do not create a space in our heart to allow the dream to take root. Or even worse, we do not give ourselves permission to enable the space to be big enough to hold our goals and ambitions.

A bucket list is only as aligned as is the bucket that holds it. An expansive heart forged with gratitude is the perfect vessel in which to stir those dreams of far reaching stars. When this cauldron of our hearts is then set a blaze with the fire of our passion, we can then brew this list with patience, love, and purpose.

Most items on a bucket list are fantasies born from an ungrateful life. Etched in our minds as a last ditch effort to escape our realities. Yet a true bucket list is nurtured with grounded aspirations and balanced intentions. Yet once this list is parented with care and gratitude, we surprise ourselves when we check it off our list.

Allow the heart to become that bucket.

Allow the heart space to be strong to contain that list of magic

Allow the heart to be big enough to hold the entire list, not just one small part of it.

Allow the heart to open with gratitude and love.

Then watch that scrolled list be completed with grace

Yet it all starts with the bucket and not the list. It all starts with the heart


I Love you

Author: Brown Knight

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