Yesterday while driving to work I saw something that i had never experienced before

Every ramp and every half Mile I kept seeing police cruisers zip by on the opposite oncoming highway… police motorcycles… then cruisers.. then buses then more police…

Finally I saw a motorcade of the same… I called my friend Jon Blanchard who usually has a good pulse on these matters….

It was the “wreaths across America” motorcade… if you are wondering what that is.. let me explain

Inspired by a boy of 12 morril Worcester when he won a trip from Maine to goto the Washington DC…. he saw the Arlington memorial ceremony and was deeply influenced by that experience…. he later created a wreath company and set about to coordinate wreath laying across the country for veterans

“Their sacrifices have made it possible for this great country to be free and that should never be forgotten,” said Morrill Worcester

And so the Wreaths across America coordinates wreath laying across 2500+ cemeteries to remember any and all soldiers since the American revolution who sacrificed their lives..

Last year 1.7 million wreaths were laid.

So the motorcade yesterday was honoring the fallen by escorting the wreaths being donated as it traveled to Washington DC for the ceremony on Dec 18.

Remember, honor, teach is the motto of this beautiful ceremony

One little boys dream woke the hearts of millions to honor the past.

Each home has an empty seat in their home… or at least knows someone or a family who lost a soldier as a sacrifice for their country..

We honor those past on veterans day and memorial day.. yet let’s not forget their legacy each day.

Blessings of love to all who serve or served and to all those who lost in the gamble of life
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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