I heard a lovely story from a friend thought I would share.

A mosquito saw a moth in the distance heading towards a lit candle. She cried out to warn the moth… ” Watch out you are going to die if you get too close”. But the moth was too far to be able to hear or heed the warning.

The moth saw that the mosquito was about to get swatted by a person behind them and she too cried out ” watch out behind you, you are going to die” But the mosquito was too far to be able to hear or heed the warning.

This taught me an interesting lesson. Sometimes we are unable to see the dangers of our own decisions that may lead to a detrimental outcome. We are sometimes pushed to be able to ask for help.

It is in feeling this vulnerability and acknowledging the assistance of a friend, a family member or a trained coach is how shifts are created. It is hard at times to accept that we may not have all the answers at every moment of every day.

It is in reaching out and connecting that we are able to make better choices. Not by having to do what others may want to tell us or for us, but knowing that we are supported.

it is the support of the universe that is offered in the form of bonds throughout our network of beings that makes a life durable.

Be there for each other.

Be there for a stranger or a loved one alike.

We never know if that stranger may become a friend or the friend become a stranger.

Yet the bond of connection between all living beings never ceases.

In this life or the next.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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