On this day, our most common companions of the night sky come together in alignment to reveal the magical solar eclipse. Moon, earth and sun heralding a magical field that influences our personal electromagnetic fields to influence our thoughts.

The world has been in awe of the solar eclipse since we first looked up at the sky. Fears must have gripped hearts when the mind could not fathom the reason for these anomalies of the heavens yet brought the mystical awareness to the human spirit.

There is a change in the vibration and frequencies of the energies within us as we pass through this phase of transition affording us the opportunity to explore the inner gears of our minds as they move the outer gears of our realities. It is part of our own internal reset.

The new moon which always accompanies the solar eclipse is about exploring our divine masculine energy to step out of our comfort zone and act, yet the new moon explores the darker divine feminine creative energies of our emotions that need tender care. Internal to explore the external, transition feminine to masculine as they work together to bring about change.

New moons is about new beginnings through the darkness, powered by the solar eclipse by changing the light frequencies that influence our pineal gland triggering spiritual awakenings and profound healing. Sun, earth, moon coming in unison as a Holy trinity.

Ancient cultures once believed that the solar eclipse was evil rising. And crops were not to be eaten during its influences, and pregnant women were not to witness this event for it was a foreboding of doom. Yet, for the awakened soul it is a time of healing and then as the eclipse passes, step out back into the light on being healed.

Our intention directs our path. Feeling through our intuition is the lead to take. The devoid of the brief light in the eclipse is an opportunity to explore our inner light, coax its embers and release its fire into action.

Intention…. to clarify….. to manifestation…

Blessings of love

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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