Halloween cometh. All Hallows Eve.

A great festival of pomp and celebration enjoyed by many in different cultures over a three day period of October 31 through Nov 2 known as Allhallowstide. Dating back to antiquity the dead are remembered as they struggle to make their way to the heavenly realms. The significance is forgotten and lost amongst the commercialization of costumes, candy and treats and decorations of ghastly fake monsters to portray the scariness of the season when in fact it is a far gentler festival to be enjoyed and rejoiced with love and affection.

There are many traditions that are uniquely particular to Halloween yet are replaced with the rituals of pumpkin carving, trick and treats and the dawning of costumes. The fear of halloween has been portrayed in movies and television depicting that the “evil ” is out to get us. And in return so many of us wear masks to either scare off the ghouls or at least not let the nasties see our face and so move on. Yet the purer we are within, we innately are able to see past the masks and look into the hearts of others. The ancient idea that on this one night the veil of the good and evil is so thin that evil can cross over and walk amongst us is some what obsurd. The sense of evil is what lies within and is acted out by us when we succumb to our darker nature on our human spectrum and it is not something lurking behind tree trunks on the sides of every road.

Yet the spirit of Halloween is a time of reverend remembrance to the ancestors of old who have passed and wishing them success on their journeys. With love, respect and ancient rites and offerings they may pass to the other side comfortably. Or so we are told. The magic of the Halloween is the same as the magic of Christmas. It is in the believing in something bigger than who we are as individuals and recognizing the existance of our future as spiritual beings just as those who came before us.

Wishing you a happy haunting from the other side.

A haunting of love.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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