Yesterday the world fell apart.. or at least that’s what it may have felt to many whose lives rise and fall with the screens of social media as many outlets of technology failed to work for most of the day

Yet for many it was an unexpected opportunity to look beyond their screens and breathe

A chance to see what else their lives may offer and take the invitation from the universe to go withIN and explore a little

Theories that it was the enemy stealing our identities… or not

Or the beginning of an imminent attack from foreign nations… or not

Further control of governments on humanity… or not

The lists of ideas were abound.. as many as the active imagination of the imbalanced mind could create stemming from fear

For many whose identities revolve around posting a part of themselves each day on the electronic platform.. this was a sudden blow.

Forced to stay silent and connect with… what?

Themselves? This May have been a novel experience

For many withdrawal was the side-effect… a bewilderment of what to do next.. a feeling of being lost and lonely…..

yet for others an opportunity to find their inner voice and awaken their eyes to the world around them and rest their weery screens or even grow a little

Technology fatigue is real… it is best to schedule some personal non screen time of being constantly connected to the matrix and to foster the natural magic within… perhaps a little walk in nature, picking a healthier snack.. or just rest
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. I didn’t even know all that was going on. I don’t watch TV. I’ve been in my own home since the end of July and have yet to turn the TV on. I choose not to be that connected to technology. I do enjoy reading your blog in the mornings. Blessings 🙏

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