It’s in the air, it’s in the trees, it’s all around us

I Was walking early morning yesterday and saw these leaves.. it was a gentle reminder of the change that is going on in nature.

The signs were there… the dark mornings, the colder nights, the chill in the air….day light shifting warning us of the upcoming winter days

Fall is my favorite time of the year.. as nature prepares us to go within.. get ready to explore the deepest of feelings in the hibernating season

Change is always upon us, yet our minds pretend that it is not happening. We try to feel that the present moment will never change and that things are always going to be the same…. it gives us stability

Yet change is the only constant

Birth to death… death into rebirth

We are continously transforming ourselves in every subtle moment, we may not even realize this, till one day we see ourselves in the mirror or while walking pick up the changed leaves.

There is great beauty in transformation… emotionally, physically, mentally, Spiritually….

Embrace change.. embrace the magic….
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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