So this was a terrific weekend of challenges

Friday night.. 2000 yard open yard swim being pushed by friend to do drills

Saturday did a 10 k run and then in the afternoon a 24 mile bike ride..

But then Sunday I was inspired by my son and wife doing a 12 mile bike ride for the first time and then when I saw my friends doing the green river marathon and others doing a 100 mile run relay across 3 states.. I said I choose to do some more too…

I want to push myself beyond my limits

My rest day turned into a 10 mile run. So to date first time longest run weekend of 16 miles

No music, no friends. Just ran… no stopping…. 5 out, 5 back..

Only the water bottle jostling in my belt, my foot beats, the occasional squirrel checking to see the crazy human in his home, and the rare cyclist or runner pass by..

Just me and my thoughts..

Surrendering to the road, path and the journey..

The distance was longer, but I had made up my mind.. and pushed through… the challenge was there to be seized and not avoided

All challenges make us grow.. if we choose to allow it to help us
I love you


Author: Brown Knight

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