So there is an unwritten tradition that one doesn’t buy any iron man gear before doing the Iron man race… Same goes for not wearing the shirt from any race till one completes the race…not sure who came up with this but who am I to defy the gods of destiny and tradition?

But I really wanted to buy something from lake placid to commemorate my ironman adventure trip as a volunteer

So I found this shirt (to add to my collection of obnoxiously unique shirts)

THE TIRED MAN… and each sport of swim bike run has instead of mileage naps, aches, excuses

But I got this shirt as humorous reminder that on my journey I will have plenty of times I want to take a nap instead of train….

There will be bountiful excuses that my mind will create to keep me from my plan and there will be aches and pains that may sway me from my goals

Yet the shirt will be a reminder to tie my shoes and keep running, or clip in and keep pedaling on the bike or make sure my strokes are long and efficient while swimming

The mind will play its games…. but my heart will keep score of my journey…

Do you have anything that you use to keep yourself on track or authentic to your goals?

Something you keep you inspired?
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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