Independence day July 4 1776 for the USA

Freedom Day

Today does not feel that level of independence as it was meant to once represent by the founding fathers over 200 years ago. This is not what they had in mind.

Freedom from tyranny yet we are tyrannical

Freedom from oppression, yet we oppress

Freedom from aggression yet we are the aggressors

We are Not free till we are free from ourselves

We have yet a lot of chains to break to inherit the freedom from hate, the freedom from anger, the freedom from prejudice.

Yet we are free to love, free to help, free to grow, free to accept.

Freedom is not an idea it is a state of being, it is a feeling.

We do not feel that state when we stay in our feelings of aggression, oppression, fear and hate

It is time we look at all the freedoms we have given up just “because”

How often do we give up our freedoms just “because”. Because what ? Someone told us to? That is not a freedom… that is obedience.

When we did things in fear and gave up our freedoms.

Freedom of movement

Freedom of employment

Freedom of visiting loved ones

Freedom of communion.

Freedom of speech

Freedom of business

Freedom of travel

Freedom of education

Freedom of self thought and governance.

Freedom of information

Freedom of safety

Freedom of life

We have lost countless freedoms, just “ because. “

It is time to awaken up to the freedom of love within our hearts and the greater understanding of the realities of existence. We are still free to make a choice.

Fear or love.

To choose fear we return to bondage.

To choose love we inherit our freedom of spirit.

It is through love that we stoke the fire of our inner genius and embrace our full potential.

Free yourself, Free your mind, Free your heart, Free your spirit.

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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