” Happy ” Memorial Day

There is nothing happy about this day. For all the picnics, drinking, barbecuing, fireworks, partying and shopping sales, there is a price to pay. The discounts in malls on merchandise came with soldiers discounting their lives cut short in sacrifice and service for their country. ( Ironically we are “in a lockdown” so much for celebrating freedom).

This day is about remembrance for all the fallen soldiers, men and women who sacrificed their chance to have a day off in the week, and have fun with their friends and family drinking, barbecuing, living their lives and dreams.

This day is for reverence of their bravery, commitment and dedication of service. This day is to be inspired that their lives wholeheartedly was given towards an ideal that they fiercely believed in. What ideals do we believe in worth fighting for?

This day is about holding space for the families who lost their loved ones to the tragedy of war mongering and protecting their nation. They will never be complete as they attempt to celebrate the day, yet secretly mourn and remember. This is a day for their families to be proud of how they lived their lives, not how they died.

This day is about gratitude for all the current men and women in the military and their respective branches who are ever present to serve ( even though they do get Veterans Day, it is never enough to have too many days to say thank you)

This is about appreciating all the men and women who have served and are living to enjoy the freedom of the protection that they provided during their watch.

Thank you for all that you did, are doing, or will do in service of humanity and your nation.

It is in this gratitude that we find the joy and peace of being happy.

Yet Memorial day is a day of remembering

Who else should we remember in these uncertain times?

Those brave souls who fought the good fight to stay alive in the time of covid19. There are over hundreds of thousands of people who lost their war with this virus. We honor their memory as well.

Many brave souls have sacrificed their lives for the well being and protection of others.

It is time to step up and anchor our Light in love to protect the future so others don’t have to die in sacrifice…. Not just for this country, but for this planet.

This is a day of gratitude and celebration of their lives

This is a day to remember to never let the sacrifice for freedom be at the expense of life.

This is a day to learn that one life always helps another regardless of form

Thank you


I Love YOU

Author: Brown Knight

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