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Journey begins

Each journey that we undertake is unique beyond measure. In order to accomplish something extraordinary, one must have an extraordinary dream.

A dream so big that the goal to achieve it, is so demanding that the journey feels impossible. Many of us hide from such goals back into the womb of safety, yet others the rare few, who search for these opportunities to create, manifest and evolve.

It is when we learn to live in fear, and cocoon ourselves within and shun the dream that we forget the true journey that we are on.

Each of us took a leap of faith and courage when we stepped off the farthest star edge and leapt into this life and into this physical mortal form to experience life. We took a cosmic oath to grow and evolve knowing full well the challenges, and the finite of the endeavor.

One thing is certain which is that this journey will end, and none of us are getting out of it alive. Yet it is what we do in the interim that defines us and creates our legacy.

Each journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step, yet each journey of one step begins with releasing a 1000 fears. It is when we let go of our fears, mindsets, judgements that we have borrowed from this material world and from the minds of others fears, that we learn to live, we begin to love our journey.

It is in truly understanding this, that we realize the significance of two important dates, the day we are born, and the day we realize why.

Live free, love unconditionally, enjoy the journey.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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