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Allergies allergies everywhere…

A late afternoon trip to the Hadley mall. A beautiful sunny day. The trees were glistening with the buds of spring, the birds were chirping their melodies of yore, and people were bustling about without a care in the world. I stepped put of the car and strolled across the parking lot into the store, breathing in the fresh spring air. A few mixtures later… ACHOOO ! I sneezed into my mask. Then again and again… Finally I tore off my mask and sneezed into my forearm. It would not stop… though it finally did, it felt like an eternity. Now swollen and watery eyes looked out at the people around me as I fumbled to put the mask back on.

I was given the “look”. I felt it deep. The one question whenever someone sneezes..” DO they have the corona?” !!!!

The paranoia of the world pours through everyones brain these days without thinking of the possibility first of “ Could it be allergies?” ( which used to be the case pre march 2020. )

Allergies are abound at the moment and so are all the little viruses and bacteria. It is important to know the difference in symptoms. Hence I have included a little chart below.

There are lots of natural remedies for allergies, and perceptions of the mind that govern the mode of allergies. There are plenty of drowsy and non drowsy pharmaceuticals that provide short term relief. Not all work. Last year I discovered how the mask had a great use against allergens in the yard, so perhaps this year it might be the same.

Allergies occur when we are out of balance with our external environment. Our internal milieu of immune system reacts aggressively to counter act the foreign invaders of pollen, dust, dander etc. It is wise to learn techniques to calm the immune system that reacts autonomically yet finds its origins in the mind.

What is your remedy for allergies?


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Ayr, a little drop of nasal gel in the nostrils before that spring walk, it works to catch the pollen like sticky tape.

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