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Grounding part 2

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Part 2 Grounding- How to do it

I explained the physiology of grounding in part 1. Here are some techniques.

It is quite obvious that we are constantly bombarded with polarized media, technology, or negative life events or people that charge us or ionize us. When you feel out of sorts, or the lack of stability try re centering by grounding outside. This helps to improve your understanding of life’s situations, or circumstances and reduce the feelings of chaos and mental clutter. When you ground you become more accountable for your health and life in general. Earthing sharpens your focus, and improves your motivation.

Unplug from technology when you do this.

Spend time walking in the grass. Take trips to visit a forest. Play with soil. Get on your hands and knees and do some de weeding if you have to. Just get connected with nature and the earth. Feel your feet firmly planted with each step. 10-30min a day

Take mindful deep breaths while you walk. With each breath delve deeper into the earth. Pay attention to the sights of nature, observe the blades of grass, the smells of the flowers and trees, the sounds of your feet walking or nature around you. This improves memory and the sense awareness. 5-10 min a day

Grounding meditation. Sit comfortably on the ground and with eyes closed, imagine yourself fully immersed with nature around and below you. 5 – 10 min a day

Other techniques include a bath in salt water. I mix Himalayan salt crystals in plain water, but you can add a scent if you like such as Frankincense or pine etc. Eating root vegetables, holding on to a red crystal or a grounding crystal, yoga, or simply listening to 256, 396, or 432 Hz music. Hugging a tree for a few minutes a day. These all help balance your root chakra that is responsible for connecting you to the earth’s core.

This simple daily practice will help unburden your mind, expand your heart and strengthen your immune system.

Happy grounding
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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