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Happy holi

Happy Holi.

This is an ancient festival celebrated in India to ring in the spring and mark the end of winter. Every culture has some deeply rooted festivity to connect humanity and nature and record the changes of the seasonal calendar.

Holi is remembered as the night evil is vanquished with the defeat of the demon Holika and then giving rise to the following day of triumph of good. There are lots of other stories with this same vibe depending on which part of India one is from. This old theme is repeated each year with large bonfires in the night and then in the day everyone gets together and paints each other with all the colors. It is quite beautiful as the streets are full of colored chalk powder and the faces are indistinguishable covered with the every possible color.

No one is spared as the festival of colors unleashes on every man, woman, child, rich or poor, rich or young as colored-water guns or water filled balloons are used to play. Tossed colored powder fills the air like a magic fog of illusion Food and drink is enjoyed by all.

Songs, dancing , drumming, music galore fill the streets and the air for the day as the festival is brought to full life and vigor. The occasion celebrates the union of Krishna and Radha, the divine deities of Hindu Godhead signifying the sacred love of Divine Masculine and Feminine.

In essence all these rituals are humanity’s welcoming of the birth of spring through cultural celebrations as the heart opens up anew with the magic of the season. As mortals we mark immortal time through generational traditions and pass these down through song and lore. Yet all we do is connect to the forever cyclic side of nature.

Our minds and hearts prepare for the next season of our lives and begin the harvest of our dreams, goals and visions. It is a time to welcome the spring in our step, the color of our hearts, the song of our soul and the dance of our spirit as we bid farewell to the errors of the past and bring in the joys of new experiences of the future.

Happy Holi.

Wishing you the rainbow of love in your hearts

I love you

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