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Dimensions. Its not Sci-fi

Thought I would take this opportunity to provide you with some teaching points.

Hard to figure out where you might be on the spiritual “ladder” so hence i figured I throw out an overall guideline for the various dimensions.

Dimension is a term thrown around without much real understanding what this entails.

The spiritual realms are divided into a multilayered system which is set by state of mind and the lower dimensions ( starting with the 3rd( 3D) ranging upto 13D at God consciousness level. However the levels dont end there and continue to several 100 as the mastery of Source consciousness continues to infinity. AS you ascend to the higher realms you reach those that are inhabited by higher limitless beings that are closer to the mind and heart of Source.

We usually are travelling back and forth between dimensions depending on our state of consciousness.

Lets talk about a few. On earth we are between 3D, 4D, 5D

3D One views life in a purely physical state. Focussed on home, job, worldly goods, and are usually in a state of fear. Everything is a competition and one’s fulfillment comes from what others say about you and not what you truly feel for yourself. One perceives the world through the 5 sense gateways. Life is skimmed across without delving deeper

4D The post humous realm This is a gateway to the fifth and easily one can fall back to the 3rd. But in this dimension the consciousness begins to become awakened to the idea of a better life with diet, health and mind changes with more meditation as well. One starts observing one’s actions and reactions and figure things out. In this dimension one starts realizing that the astral realm and the hell realm are different, yet hell only exists for asylum for souls who have forgotten their identity.

5D In this state known as a realm of goodness one understands the nature of Oneness and connection The higher purpose of self is the betterment of others. Strong feelings of love and connection are fostered. With those in this world and others and through out the other worlds. Humble and purity are key

The next dimensions are all higher states of perception of time, travel with powers of thought and oneness.

Time is no longer linear and infinite and so is the state of fearlessness, and replaced by pure unconditional love

6D Realm of Light Higher spirit beings exist and those of Angelic material and quality. With out physical form. They study the knowledge of Source truth

7 D The angelic realm ( or the realm of Bodhisattvas). realms and worlds of pure love and here the inhabitants are selfless and serve Source for the salvation of all souls in the universe( not just earth)

8D the realm of Tathagatas. a world of archangels. They are part of the mass One consciousness and interseed when needed

9 D Cosmic realm of Saviors. Powerful spirits who have changed the world and experienced all there was to experience in human form over lifetimes and in the sacredness guide humanity for spiritual evolution

In these higher realms we return our energy to source and connect back to soul groups.

Can we travel between dimensions? Yes. and we do. Every night. it is called astral travel. More on this later

The journey never ends. And for some of us, it is just the beginning
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. I love this explanation thanks for taking the time to put it out there. Can a person exist in 2 realms?

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