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Rest day

So this Saturday day off was somewhat unusual.

I did nothing. Literally.

For those who know me, I do not sit still very well. I am constantly in motion doing something, being something, especially on weekends when I try to catch up with life. I am either exercising, writing , meditating, working on my inner self, reading, studying, doing house chores, spending time with family and darting about trying to complete a 1000 things on my list before the weekend is over.

This saturday I got up early, and went back to bed. I had every intention to go for a 6am swim and then bike and run ( which ever order took my fancy), I had 2 books I had wanted to read, a ton of writing to complete, courses to study up, teaching the kids and that was just till lunch time !

What actually transpired was nothing. No exercise, no reading, no writing, no chores, NO thing. Life for me begins each morning at 200mph. I love jumping out of bed and capturing the day. Well this day it was less than 5mph. My gears had down shifted and that was that.

Why? Sometimes it is important to listen to the body’s wisdom of saying NO. We are going to rest today.

Mental rest

Physical rest.

Spiritual rest.

In a world of fast paced technology and constant bombardment of digital stimuli and even faster experiences at the tip of our senses twanging every nerve fiber every minute with doings and happenings of events and experiences to seek out, to be able to stop on a dime is a very hard task.

My mind kept trying to ignition the body, but the latter would not have it. My body took over the mind and made it shut down its continuous and incessant barrage of ideas and things to do, and it too came to a screeching halt.

Rest. it is not sexy. It is not something that people want to hear. It is not something even grandiose to post on social media. But there you have it. REST. There are times when we are pushed to listen to the body and not just follow the instruction of the mind. All wisdom lies in the body and not the mind as we have been forced to believe by many of science.

Rest is as important as action. It is its diametric opposite, yet complementary in every way. I am learning each day of incorporating this very vital part of my consciousness into my day and night. Rest is in some part experienced as sleep, but in a more conscious way it is experienced as being present, mindful and still.

I enjoyed my rest. Sunday was a whirlwind back to my usual behavioral paradigms of being on the go, yet Saturday’s. Rest kept haunting my Sunday till I took the looming advice and paused, breathed, and became mindful.

Looking forward to those rest days. If I do not plan for them, the universe will force them into my life. And sometimes the universe is not so courteous about when she decides to interject my life with them.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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