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Maha shivrathri


What is this festival? It’s an ancient night of solace and connection. Powerful like no other. There are 12 shivrathris that occur in the year, yet this is the most spiritual significance. It falls on the 14th day of the dark fortnight of the moon in the month of march. On this night the earth is positioned just so that increases the surge of energy within everyone.

Shiva-arthri. Night (rath) of Shiva. And Maha means Most High or Great.

Shiva literally means “that which is not. ” So if “that which is ” is creation, then “that which is not ” is darkness. So in the darkness there is the illumination of the soul and awakening to light. Ignorance is abolished bringing in awareness and light to the consciousness. The vastness of space of the cosmos is darkness and everything that has come from this darkness returns back into it. Yet this darkness is not “evil”, it is the Source of all that is. The universe that is filled with galaxies and suns and planets is but a fragment in comparison to that which lies in between.

If you open your eyes to all “that is “and all “that is not” you can see the grandest of all designs of the universe as one. Light and dark. So shivrathri nights are celebrations of the opening of the consciousness to the light and dispelling ignorance and lower mindedness.

Yet maha shivrathri is even more powerful as it also represents the still point of light and dark. It is in this stillness that all the universe and the wisdom are found. It is in this darkest night that limitedness becomes limitless, bound becomes unbound and in the vastness of emptiness, the light shines brightest. Traditionally, there are prayers and chanting and fasting that occurs. Staying awake all night in honor of the sacredness of the stillness.

I would say however that this night is about the awakening of the light within each of us, dissolving that which no longer serves and allowing us to restore ourselves to the stillness of the Source of the Light.

Feel the changes occur within your mind and body as you open your heart up to your Higher Self. Light a candle, sit next to it in silence and meditation. Breathe in light and exhale out love. Simply repeat ” I am that I am”

Blessings of Love, gratitude and wisdom
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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