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Level up

During this birthday I came across a new term to describe my age…. “level”

So instead of rattling off how OLD I am… it makes more sense to note the level I am at.

I never actually say “how old are you?” To my patients and to anyone really… I ask “how young are you?”

So why not use the term level ?

This way there is no offense for those who feel that an aging number is a burden, instead the level we are at signifies experience, wisdom and potential earned from levels below

So now level 46 is more badass than being 46 years old (stated with drudgery and disdain)

Be happy at your level 😊 for it brings with it all the magic and wisdom of all prior levels.

Life is a game so why not keep enjoying playing it each day, month, year to a different level…

Sometimes those levels come with more difficulties.. but that’s the point of challenging oneself at each level of the game

I love my level of experience in life. Looking forward to The next one and the support and challenges it will bring.

The best part is that we are always leveling UP in this game of life

What level are you today?
I love you

Ps In a world of cancel culture ” why not simply transform “years” to level 🤣😂😎😇

Author: Brown Knight

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