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The blank state

I stepped out on to my drive way the other day after a snow storm. No foot prints had treaded the walk ways. It was beautiful, serene, clear and still. The air was cold and yet alive and I breathed it into all my cells.

The driveway was beckoning to be touched. Do I run across and disturb the snow? Do I let it be and let the kids mess it up? Do I leave my mark on it? What mark should I put?

The only thing I could think of was this heart that I drew. I imagined giving to the day every part of myself to help others with love and thought about what and who would see this after I left?

Funny, I got a phone call from my son a few hours later. ” Did you draw that heart outside for us?”

Each day is a blank slate. A fresh start to create something new, to expand our awareness and give to our day all that we choose. If we choose anger, we give it anger, if we choose love we give it love. What we give impacts everything and everyone around us each day. The serenity of the mind like the blank snow driveway can be disturbed by anything and written upon by any mindset or programming. It is a choice.

What we choose to leave behind as our mark on humanity is the mark that we choose. The legacy we are chosen to be remembered by, is that which originates from an open heart. This can only be revealed from a more balanced mind. Do you want to remembered as kind, patient, an inspiration to others, love? Or angry, bitter, miserable, hateful, prejudiced? It is entirely matter of choice. Neither is good nor bad, it simply is.

Each day is a chance to start anew with a fresh face, fresh attitude , fresh gratitude. Draw your mark on life itself and leave a lasting legacy.

How do you start your day?

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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