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Life of a photon

“The sun is so bright “. Yes indeed it is. Our sun is one of billions of suns amongst trillions of stars littered across the cosmos of near infinite galaxies. Each star is unique in its intensity and brightness depending on its life cycle.

Ever wonder about the anatomy of the light that hits our eyes from the sun ?

So each photon that hits our eyes has had a remarkable journey. It takes close to 10 billion years for a photon to be created and it stays at the core trapped by the gravity of the sun. Its attempted escape thwarted as it is molded, and schooled as it were in the first layer of the sun.

Then for the next 100 million years it slowly advances to the other layers systematically spending less time in each of the outer layers. Once our little photon has reached the outermost layer and it is ready to spread its wisdom and energy to us, it launches into space. It takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds for the photon to reach us on earth.

All that time, all those billions of years stuck being educated, transformed, schooled, and then poof 8 minutes to get to us. This was a great eye opener for me as I have a much greater appreciation for each ray that hits my face, for each photon has taken a long and arduous journey to reach me. Locked in each photon is the blueprint DNA of the universe forged over billions of years. Each photon holds information and knowledge to be shared across the cosmos.

Each of us is made from the elements of the stars. Each of us is a star in the making. In fact each of us has the potential of a sun no less. Our lives are to be explored with patience as each experience is much like the schooling of the little photon. Even if takes a lifetime to get ready to launch and share our wisdom with the world, it is worth it, as each of us shine bright our infinite inner light with the rest of the galaxy of life around us. There is no experience that is wasted, as we each are forged in the holograms of our existence.

Each of us are invited to be patient especially when we feel trapped by the gravity of our experiences, as nothing is in the way, but instead on the way to our brilliant radiance as we impact each other and the world.

Enjoy the sun rays each day, for each little photon as a story to share. Listen to them, and share your life’s journey with the world. We each have something to learn from each other, as all stories remain in the cells, atoms and photons of the universe that are filled with love.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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