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Funny conversation with my 5y old daughter

Scene: she is busy coloring and cutting up paper for her little project at her desk. I came in and just sat next to her, simply observing her activities

Me: Do you know how much I love you?

Daughter: yes

Me: ( little surprised by her answer) How much?

Daughter: 200

Me: 200 what?

Daughter: 200

Me: What is 200? 200 hugs? 200 kisses? 200 chocolates?

Daughter: ( without missing a beat) 100 is love. So 200.

Me: ( little flabbergasted) Thats a lot huh?

Daughter : ( eye roll) Yeah. 278.6 actually

Me: ( I say nothing. I simply smile and walk out the room feeling warm and fuzzy)

When we have true certainty there is nothing that can stand in our way. When we have certainty from our heart, there is a special kind of knowing that permeates outward from the heart space to any one that we connect with, speak to or even simply are in the room with.

It is a radiance of infinite magic that emanates from the deepest space within us. This trust is what drives our souls into the forests of our lives to bravely explore and seek out ever challenging experiences.

Certainty. The catalyst of our hearts into the void of the unknown.

Certainty. The quintessential hand of trust.

Yes I love you 278.6 ( on whatever scale this is represented on )and all the way to infinity.

Thank you for teaching me about certainty, in a very practical way.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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