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Unlock your heart

Sometimes our harsh experiences make us close the door to our hearts. We are pushed into a corner for safety. We may hide from the world to protect ourselves. We shun the light and the love of everyone around us as we lock our hearts and throw away the key.

When we judge others or events through our perceptions we are at times forced to react. We all have done this. We hurt, we recoil back. Perhaps we lash out, but in the end we fall back into safety. We may continue to forge ahead each day but never fully healed those wounds, those painful experiences that started so young. A loud noise, the pain of the vice like grabbing of the arm, the yelling, the bullying, the rejections, the failures and the list goes on to a mounting list of sensations that have never been integrated.

A long time passes. So long that it may feel like eternity. Yet all is not lost. With the air of gratitude and the light of love, there rises a little seed of hope from within the locked heart. It peers out through the key hole to check for safety as a tentacle does to sense the surroundings. If simply the opportunity is seized to forgive and be forgiven, we discover that every experience has been there for our growth.

When we learn to judge less from the mind and bring ourselves back into balance, we learn to love again. We breathe life back into our bodies and whisper the songs of our soul. Our mind which imprisons us is over run by the magic of gratitude and love. There is nothing that our bodies experience that our immortal heart cannot overcome.

The rusty shackles are broken by the seeds of patience, confidence, and love that are sown within, thereby freeing the wisdom of the heart to explore the magic of the spirit.

Unlock the secrets of your heart. The door to the universe awaits to be opened.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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