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Looking at the world through the self

WE are looking at the world with disgust and disdain.

For the most part at least here in the USA many are disgusted with the way the protests, this pandemic and hierarchal controls have caused the destruction of peoples lives, their homes, their families, their careers, their cities, their businesses and the fabric of the communities.

Some say that many of these cities have been turned into war zones and look worse than the situations and conditions of many third world countries. Yet I do not think so.

It is not the country that makes it 3rd world, but instead the mentality of the people in that country who do it. Indifference and apathy breeds ignorance and discord. This further leads to ill effects upon all walks of life, including the degradation of education, the menacing control of laws, the disintegration of social structure, the disorganization of economic flow.

It is the essence of the people who drive the nation mad with emotion. It is the mindsets of ignorance and the willingness to be controlled that permit “dominance” to pervade. When there is an asymmetry of power there leads to the loss of morality and ethics that infiltrate like muddied water into the very fabric of the roots of society at all levels. Yet not for nourishment, but for destruction.

It is the masses who surrender their identities as they hide in the shadows of their hollow uninspired lives, that are part of the consciousness that creates a nation. If the candle is not lit, then the enlightenment cannot begin.

A third world country arises from disordered states, that come from fractured communities, that house disordered homes run by imbalanced people that remain intolerant not of their neighbors but of themselves. You see it all starts with the self.

When the self is full of fear, bitterness and ill health mentally, physically and spiritually there is no space for the harmony of life to seep in. There is no landing spot for the magic of the universe to arrive. There is no movement of creativity to develop and grow. There is no flow of light

Stagnation breeds “lack of “ mentalities, which in turn destroys not just the country but worlds. Our Civilization is at the brink of our own destruction, but where there is destruction, it is also at the precipice of rebirth of self evolution.

Truly looking at oneself is the greatest awareness that we have been given, so that we may create, grow and evolve. We are our own masters not to be governed but to shine and radiate not gravitate and shrink.

Mass consciousness is the mentality that creates the world. Observe any mass group of people from any walk of life and the mentality is reflected in their behaviors, and actions.

It all begins with the choice of Self. To gain mastery of our destiny or be a victim of our history, it is a choice. It begins with you.

Your powerful ally

DR Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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