As i sit here in my study pondering the last day of 2020 at 3am, I view all my experiences this year as one does a movie in fast forward. I ask my self what am I grateful for ?

At first the answer is obvious. EVERYTHING.

At closer glance and slowing of the mind’s remote control I take the more careful inventory

I am grateful for my kids who have been the greatest source of self discovery

I am grateful for my wife whose companionship has brought the balance of support and challenge in every moment leading to self growth in my life

I am grateful for my parents whose healthy presence has allowed me to see the bridge that I am between generations and their involvement in the next generation

I am grateful that I was able to author not one but 2 books this year. “ Dont just survive but learn how to thrive in a lockdown- Perspectives of the intuitive cardiologist” and “ My interview with an Elf”

I am grateful for the ability to have read over 223 books this year on variety of topics of psychology, philosophy, quantum physics, medicine, cardiology, mythology, cosmology, astronomy, spirituality, and human behavior amongst numerous other topics of study

I am grateful for the gift of being able to help increasing number of clients in their relationships, creating career paths and understanding their lives deeply so they may reach their full potential.

I am grateful for being able to embody my roles as the Intuitive cardiologist, a Life Architect, and a Metaphysician

I am grateful to have been able to assist all my patients in the betterment of their health

I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended 4 major courses of advanced learning that will help me to provide help to others through these teachings.

I am grateful for the completion of all the energy healing and medicine courses and practice.

I am grateful for my home, and all its comforts and trappings

I am grateful for all the friends I have made along the way this year that have enriched my life

I am grateful for the opportunity to have been interviewed for numerous international and domestic podcasts and you tube videos exploring medicine and metaphysics alike.

I am grateful for my health, and the ability to have learned fasting and exercise. More over self accountability

I am grateful for every difficulty that I have encountered this year as each transformed my inner most shadow into wisdom.

I am grateful for the continued opportunity upon this earth to raise consciousness and hold up the light

I am grateful for the wisdom of this physical body that houses me with its amazing feedback mechanisms of guidance.

I am grateful to all my teachers/mentors for their patience as I play in the sandbox of learning

I am grateful to the earth for providing this magnificent home amongst the stars

I am grateful to the universe for revealing itself as I am allowed to be the vehicle in which it explores itself.

I am grateful for the ability to focus on my mission, vision, purpose with presence and poise.

The movie scene of 2020 speeds up as I see the entire year back into a blur of quantum moments each bringing a balance at all scales of existence and all areas of life.

Thank you and I love you 2020 for all that you have brought, and I welcome the next adventures of 2021 with greater opportunities, experiences, challenges to be grateful for.

SO much more to share next year….. and it is just round the corner.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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