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The tree of life

There is an ancient magic that is called upon this cold white season

When the heart is invited to open its transparent doors to the gentle knock of sincere gratitude

An unbridled love responds to the call from within to witness the nature that lies beyond its brim

The relentless pace of the mind is asked to slow down to the drum beat of the winters howl

The fire burns hot with the passion of the body’s hearth

It is in this primal alignment that we come together by the warmth of our beings and wish each other good tidings that come afore

It is in this pristine silence that all knowing is revealed

That we are each threads of the universal garment worn with humble honor and brandishing pride

Our connections run as deep as the roots of the tree of life

Our dreams are the leaves on the branches of inspiration that fly high fanned by the howling winds of our sufferings

And each moment we bow our heads with humility and raise our hands as we reach out to another with fruitful purpose and majestic poise saying these words

“Thank you I love you ”

May this omnipotent magic grace your homes and knock on your shores this tide with the gentleness of love
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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