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Cleaning Christmas

As we await the jolly elf to travel on Christmas eve to billions of homes there is a concern of germ spreading

Thankfully his magic also comes with cleansing agents… its called LOVE

This season our need to keep things clean are exponential

We want to CLEANSE our offices, our work spaces, the stores etc. The list is enormous

Yet what steps do we take to CLEANSE our MINDS that are full judgments, biases, and imbalanced perceptions ?

What steps do we take to CLEANSE our HEARTS of old wounds, or ancient hurts?

What steps do we take to CLEANSE our BODIES from unhealthy diets, or exercise starved lifestyles ?

What steps do we take to CLEANSE our LIVES from toxic relationships and inauthentic personalities?

You see it is easy to become obsessed on the OUTside for cleanliness and chasing a virus yet forget to CLEANSE the INside of our SELVES and LIVES and not chase the destructive virus which is our own darker side of humanity

I am sure Santa is quite clean on his travels as he tries to spread the light of self awareness and understanding to purify and cleanse our hearts, minds, bodies, lives with LOVE and LIGHT
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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