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Best versions of ourselves

“The version of me that you have created in your mind, is not my responsibility”

Let that sink in. This is one of the biggest issues that do not let clear heart felt communication to take place. When we each hold an image of another person in our mind we do not see the person in front of us for who they are.

The version that we create in our mind is based on judgments, mindsets, unmet expectations, feelings of pride, guilt, shame, infatuation, resentment. We follow these thoughts and patterns and then continue to perpetuate these archetypes on to other people. We subordinate to these perceptions and then project them on literally everyone.

Yet is it fair to be judged by anyone based on a perception that they have created originating from their own voids or ideals? I think not.

Yet do we not dare to do the same, as we cast aspirations upon others and create their persona in our minds based on faulty memories and misguided imaginations? And then to boot we hold them to these unholy standards and when they do not meet this version in our minds we are angered, disappointed or even hateful towards them.

This then generates animosity, tensions and the dualities of infatuation and resentments. We literally are creating our own fantasies and nightmares of a false reality based on corrupt data originating in our minds from our own misperceptions and maligned idealisms.

Communication breaks down or may be instilled depending on the version we create. Yet nothing lasts… why?

It is not heart centered, it is not a balanced conversation from 2 hearts but rather from 2 minds each playing out versions that were fabricated and created by each person and now attempting to hold the other person responsible to these near impossible versions.

Sometimes these versions we create in our minds are versions that we either like or dislike within ourselves. A task too few undergo to explore the inner shadow that runs the entire dramatization.

it is best to be authentic to our selves and not project these versions outward. See each person of who they are. Spiritual beings in physical form having a human experience. Treat each person in this same way, and we may just have a network of sparkling conversations and mutual interests to create a brighter world of progress and collaboration not a world of mutually assured destruction.

It all begins withIN, and seeing our own versions first.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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