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Quarantine months

The 12th month arrived rather quickly. It felt like it was just yesterday we were cleaning up from the parties of celebration of the new year, and here we are having entered the last 30 days of 2020. I have read many a meme of trying to forget the exhaustion and the horrors of 2020. I have read even more memes of skipping into 2021, but have we accepted the terms and conditions of the next year?

What happened to each of us from March to November? What have these 9 months birthed for us? What have we explored about the world, learned about life, invested in our selves, created in our homes and businesses and connected with each other?

It feels like a nightmare of fears, confusion, frustration, anger and a turmoil. Yet to others a source of opportunity of growth, learning, self reflection, and evolution. It all depends on how we see ourselves in the world, and less what we are led to believe that the world sees of us. In every adversity lies an opportunity. 2020 was no different and nor will the coming years.

It is easy to shrug 2020 under the carpet of pity, resentment and struggle, and hope that the next year will be better. Yet without seeing how 2020 has actually helped each one of us to evolve individually and as a collective it would be a gross oversight in my opinion. If we are NOT GRATEFUL for the happening s of 2020 we will be doomed to explore these shadows till we reach the light in the years to come.

What we do each day to serve and help each other and humanity as a whole is far greater a goal than listening obediently to the screens of media and news of the affairs of the world and its despair.

We have 30 days left of 2020, make each day count. 2020 is not over. It has much more to offer and opportunities abound to grasp. Each day of every year is a gift. 2020 is no different. We can either continue hiding in the lockdowns of our minds and quarantine our hearts or behind the masks of prejudice and judgments or choose to see how each day from March till now was a blessing.

Count your blessings of the day, 30 more to go before we roll in the next celebration. We are not getting younger, and time seems to have sped up throughout the cosmos.

I write out each day in my gratitude journal how a day has been a blessing, and filled with gratitude I found that March through today has been very productive and healing not only for myself but for others I impacted. Unpack that word of “quarantine” ( March to November ) and see the magic that lay there all this time.

Step out of your shadows into your light


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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