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Exploring your senses

Something curiously intriguing….

So your tongue knows exactly what everything you look at will feel !!

Look at lets say a table… you will know exactly what it will feel like if you lick it.. same thing with a car, a chair… anything.. even if you have not ever licked it… imagine it and. your tongue knows…

So we have not just 5 senses.. we have over 100 so far as we can tell and perhaps even more to be discovered..

We have been told that each of our senses just do what they are told…. eg vision, smell, touch, taste, hear… but each sense can do so much more and they integrate back to our body..

Our immune system is an intelligent system that can senses with ALL its receptors…

Our gut system can sense with ALL the gut biome

It is our mind that controls what and how the perceptions are to be interpreted, as the brain decides and filters the near infinite impulses that arrive through all our body receptors in every cell

Imagine what it is would be like to taste a star

Imagine what it would be like to smell love

Imagihe what it would be like to hear the sun

Imagine what it would be like to feel the color white

Imagine what it would be like to see musical sounds

Imagine what it would be like to inhale magic

Imagine what it would be like to touch genius

Each sense can sense what all the other senses can feel

Control the mind and imagine the possibilities of exploring the infinite universe through truly engaging ALL our senses not just what the mind tells us of what lies in front or behind but 360 degrees

Start with Imagine licking something.. and begin to expand your senses towards infinity
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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