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The fortune cookie

At the end of every Chinese meal there is a tradition of opening up a fortune cookie and reading the mysterious wisdom

I am sure you do it too… it is fun

I am surprised how sometimes it is quite accurate or at least foreboding

Yet I have often wondered why do we do this in life in general

I am referring to allowing others dictate our futures. We wait for someone outside of us to tell us what our future is going to be.

Whether it is academia, pharmacia, government or theology, we completely submit to an outside authority to tell us what to learn, what to take for our bodies, what to do and what and how to connect to our Source

Perhaps there comes a time for everyone to FEEL and TRUST our innermost knowing or intuition to guide us.

Not an outside source but our inner being to help us, and lead the way to our future

It is when we follow our OWN hearts and not the minds of others that we divine our destiny and live free

The future is not found in a fortune cookie, it is found withIN by creating it from a deep space of love, certainty and magic

I try not to rely on others or sources outside of me to navigate my future as each comes from their own level of understanding

An open heart filled with gratitude allows the light to shine on my path to the future

It starts right now… taking back control of the future in the present

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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