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Motivation vs inspiration

“ There is no better motivation than being inspired by yourself”

I hear a lot from coaches, motivational speakers, teachers about needing to have motivation. Yet what is the difference between motivation and inspiration?

Motivation requires an external source for one to achieve anything of any value. So for example to exercise or to maintain a healthy dietary regime or get up out of bed in the morning, or anything really, if someone requires motivation they are asking someone to push them to do something.

To me this is akin to be herded around like cattle or sheep. The dog or the cowherd or shepherd needs to externally keep stimulating the cattle rot sheep to keep moving and direct them to move. There is no internal desire for the cattle or sheep to do what they know inherently they can do.

if one needs motivation then it is probably wise for them to see why they are trying to do that task in the first place. Being cheered on by friends, colleagues, family etc when doing a task is not the same thing as motivation. That is support. Yet to “ ra ra” someone in a hope to motivate them or even support them is an empty sentiment without real substance. I see many coaches do this in the exercise world and in the life coaching world. It is limiting and self defeating, and long term is harmful to the person.

True deep support comes from holding space for someone while they are struggling in their task. It is a powerful place from which to not help but to be there with trusting eyes and devotion to them. It is in demonstrating to them the act of a knowing that they can achieve the daunting task and be able to come out of it on the other end successful.

Inspiration comes from an entirely different space in the body. In fact it comes from the heart. It is a powerful resonance. Inspiration connects us to our most intimate part of our form accessing wisdom and understanding of the soul. When we someone doing something great and feel inspired, it is activating our own genius within. When we become aligned with this level of awareness and inspiration there is nothing that can stop us.

So the greatest motivator in life ( an external source ) is in fact our selves from the inspiration of ourselves within ( an internal infinitely abundant source), as long as we truly stay connected to the fire of creation and remain in awe.

I am not a motivator.

I am an inspirationalist.

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

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