Ever watch the oscillations of the waves of the ocean? Back and forth, simple, majestic, soft, subtle. They churn the ocean with its delightful rhythmic dances like a butterfly fanning the breeze with its wings.

Yet do we ponder how the ocean got there? We do not see the drops that came in single file from the heavens to fill up an entire ocean, all we observe is when the ocean appears full at high tide.

Such is our nature too when we do not see how the drops of judgments fill up our mind till one day we find ourselves flung about on the seas of mindlessness and we are lost adrift searching for the shores of sanity whilst lying in the hole filled boats of our worn lives.

Such too is our nature when we do not see how the drops of gratitude fill up our hearts till one day we find ourselves full on the tides of love. It is here when we begin to truly count the drops and realize the experiences that brought us to where we are. It is when we see this magnificent reservoir of love that was created that we observe the journey that we each have undertaken as we fell from the stars.

Our journey bares no mistakes. Every experience is part of the quantum tapestry woven together with delicate care and so each stepping stone is simply on the way and not in the way of our destiny. To see this universal order of infinite beauty is the destination of a balanced mind and heart.

There is nothing out of alignment with the ocean. There is nothing out of alignment with you. Each acts and reacts based on their nature. It is in counting the drops of experiences and being in gratitude that we dare to hold the sacredness of our lives in our hearts with infinite depth and eternal love.

Happy sailing to the shores of balance and harmony

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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