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Feeling small

It is easy at times to feel small

It is easy to fall into the thoughts of insignificance

It is easy to feel we have no impact on others or on the earth

It is easy to feel that no one cares about us as we are minute like a worm

It is easy to feel that people forget that we are even here

Yet everything that life does is on a small scale that builds it up to a bigger size..

A simple solitary snow flake… eventually blankets the landscape winter scene

A changed leaf provides the spectacular color of the fall foliage canvas

A small earth worm toils and helps to aerate the entire earth

Each of us has an impact on each other

Each of us has a place in the grand design

I sometimes imagine myself standing in front of the entire solar system…..then in front of the entire galaxy, then in front of the Virgo cluster of galaxies…

My size is infinitesimal small yet I am one of Source’s greatest creations and I am worthy of my space and time that I occupy

Never forget that no matter how small you feel, the earth and the universe always remembers who and what you are

So do i 😉

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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