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Harvest moon

The Harvest Moon rises.

This first October Full moon brings forth the energy to release deep seated fears. It will force us to explore the depths of our fears within our unconscious and bring them to the surface to be “harvested.”

Think of it much like harvesting crops. We clean out the fruits of our hard work and get ready to begin the next season, much like the Harvest Full moon heralds the first of the lunar events of the fall season. We “clear and clean ” up our outside environments that reflects our inner environments to make the spiritual space for inner and outer growth and new ideas. This cleansing of the spirit is clearing any energies that were left unattended.

The harvest full moon is an energetic amplification to help us “plow” through spiritual and emotional roadblocks that may “plague” our spiritual crops. It affords us the opportunity to shine light on our fantasies and nightmares and restore balance.

This energetic moon is a time of self celebration as it enables us to harness the universal energy to clear out any unseen emotional, spiritual or ancestral baggage and make way for an abundant manifestation of our goals and dreams for the upcoming season.

To this end I have written up a powerful full moon invocation. Sit comfortably in a quiet place. Hands in your lap and repeat this thrice.

” I connect to my past for it has served me till now,

I honor my past

I heal my old wounds in every lifetime

I am in gratitude for what I have received

I am ready for what lies ahead

I am in the right time

I am in the right space

I am on my path to abundance in all areas of my life.”

Happy Full Moon

With blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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