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Funny story

So 2 weeks ago I am in clinic and I hear my 91 year old patient walking down the hall. She informs my medical assistant “ It is my birthday today, Dr Bhatnagar better get me some flowers” jokingly.

Unbeknownst to her, I could hear all this conversation through the crack of my open office door. I smiled. She knows that I had no idea that it was her birthday nor could I have planned for it.

As she turned the corner to go into the patient room, I dashed out of my room, ran outside to the parking lot. I searched in the bushes and in between the parking spots and found some vegetation. I am not a horticulturist so I have no idea what I yanked out the ground. It was some sort of plant, shrubbery sort of thing. Perhaps even a weed !!

I ran back into the office and came up to her room, knocked and walked in as the medical assistant was bewildered why I entered earlier than expected. My arm extended and I gave my patient the uprooted shrubbery. “ Happy Birthday” I said with a cheeky smile and twinkle in my eye.

She gasped, “ OMG you remembered !! Thank you.” She laughed and started beaming to her friend companion about the new offering.

I came in later and we had a great conversation and visit. She left with her green ornament in her hand as she balanced it carefully while using her walker.

But here is the funny part.

Now 2 weeks later, I see the daughter as a patient. As the visit concluded, the daughter turns to me and says “ BTW thanks for the weed you gave mom, she loved it, in fact it is in a cup of water and she keeps it at her bed side and shows it to all her friends who come to visit”

I almost cried in front of her. My patient had kept my little funny gift ! And apparently it was still thriving. It dawned me as I left the room that it is not the gift that is important but the act of giving. It is the energy that was transmitted in that moment. The energy of love.

I could have given her a box of paper clips and she would loved it, as it was the sentiment and feelings behind the offering not the object itself. An act of love is the most important act one can perform.

I am grateful for having had this experience


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. My wife said….Great story to wake up as my wife loves gifts and celebrates her birthday for a month each year.

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