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The other day i am having a conversation with my 4.9 y old daughter.. or rather she is giving me list of demands… then something interesting happened

I was attempting to read a book when she comes running in and …….

Daughter : I want another Frozen doll

Me: No

Daughter: i want some chocolate

Me: No

Daughter: i want to go outside

Me: a little later not right now

Daughter : i want to watch a movie

Me: no

Daughter: I want to play with your phone

Me: no

Daughter: I want…..

Me: NO !

Daughter: to drink some water ( she said finishing her sentence)

I paused, seeing if I could grant that request… she was small in height and couldn’t reach the shelf.. she needed my help

Then it hit me.

All too often we are quick to judge and fall out of the moment, as i did and keep replying automatically without thought, concern or presence

Presence…. that’s the key

We agree, or disagree to people’s requests without fully exploring all possibilities and bring present

It is only when we are poised from within and present that we are able to truly engage with some one at a conversational level.

It is when we are present within ourselves do we have the ability to exchange ideas

The rest of the time it is random egos attempting to respond or react instead of truly connect.

Had I been more present I would have been connected right from the first part of the conversation and realized that all she wanted was my attention to get some water, yet my falling out of the moment led me to simply just say NO to everything till I even skipped over the most important part…

A simple glass of water

LISTENING is a key part of being present

REPLYING back from a space of presence is the one of the most authentic experience we can have


Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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