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Sugary story

Funny story with my 4 y old

Daughter : I am hungry

Me: can you please go get something from the kitchen?

Daughter heads downstairs. I can hear some rumbling in the kitchen and then the fridge door opens. She comes back up stairs

She is eating an apple

Me: I like your healthy choice of snack

Daughter: correct

Me: glad you didn’t pick any sweets

Daughter (looks at me with an eye roll): you don’t have any sweets in the pantry. I checked

Me (shaking my head)

Processed sugar creates tremendous emotional volatility..

The long term ill effects both physically, and Psychologically are well documented.

Sugar skews judgments

Sugar fills a void in one’s life from moment to moment. When we fall into a perception the physiological response is an altered brain chemistry

If we are feeling guilty or shameful we make seek out sugar to compensate

If we are feeling prideful or cocky we may choose to continue to feel that way with a Sugary reward mechanism

It is wise to pause, ask the question what am I feeling before reaching out for that Sugary treat

When one masters their emotions, one masters their life

Most of the time we are UNMINDFUL when reaching out for a food group especially sugar.

Filling a hole inside us with food, is not only harmful but disruptive to the psychological and physiological feedback mechanisms of our mind and body

Believe me I know.

I have fought this battle many times and lost and won and lost and won. But each time I get a little better at becoming aware of my emotional state prior to extending out my hand for a treat

Self-awareness is key

Mindfulness is essential

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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