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Earth suit

Standing at the edge of the pier, my mind wandered. It travelled far, it traveled wide. It dragged my heart along with it to the very edges of the stars themselves. I came back to the pier a few moments later but what felt like an eternity.

Had some beautiful thoughts and awarenesses, thought I would share.

When we travel to space, we wear a space suit. To protect us in space for sure, but mainly so that we can navigate in that environment. To explore, to experience and to have fun while learning. The space suit protects us from the harsh environments of the outer world.

Now imagine the same but on earth, yet not in a space suit but an “earth suit”, the physical body. We are spiritual beings made up of light and energy. If we were to come into contact with the earthly realms we would disintegrate as we would not be able to maintain our formless energetic structures. So we come into physical body to navigate in this material physical environment. To explore, to experience and to have fun while learning. The earth suit protects us from the harsh environment of this “inner” world.

We are all infinite spiritual entities made up of love, light and energy, having a limited physical experience we call life. Our immortality soul having a mortal experience !

It is wise to enjoy each moment of this life, as one day we will have to give up this earth suit and travel back to the stars in our original form.

Happy travels.

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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